CAMO - Center for Advanced Modeling and Optimization

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Modeling and Optimization!

CAMO was established, and is maintained, by Dr. Neculai Andrei

The Center's missions are:

  • to develop high-performance computing techniques for modeling and optimization, 
  • to promote the modeling and optimization concepts and techniques in industry, government and academia, 
  • to make potential users from different areas of activity aware of how the modeling and optimization techniques can aid and improve their work, and 
  • to disseminate the latest developments in mathematical programming modeling and optimization all over the world by issuing:

The Electronic International Journal - "Advanced Modeling and Optimization"
ICI Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania

  • to disseminate the software associated with the papers published into The International Journal:

"Computational Optimization and Applications"
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, USA
Software Optimization Forum

A web-resident source of information about modeling and optimization algorithms, software and applications is available, emphasizing:

CAMO is responsable for development of the following  Projects

CAMO was established, and is maintained, by Dr. Neculai Andrei


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