Mixt Integer Nonlinear Programming
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Last modified: February 3, 2003

Name of the Package Author(s) Purpose
AlphaECP Professor Tapio Westerlund
Process Design Laboratory
Åbo Akademi University
Biskopsgatan 8
FIN - 20500 Åbo, FINLAND.
AlphaECP is a general purpose MINLP solver. The ECP (extended cutting plane) method is based on cutting plane techniques and the solution of a sequence of mixed integer linear programming problems only. Mixed integer problems, with a pseudo-convex objective function subject to pseudo convex inequality constraints, can be solved to global optimality with the method.
BARON Nick Sahinidis,
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BARON is a computational system for solving non convex optimization problems to global optimality. Purely continuous, purely integer, and mixed-integer nonlinear problems can be solved with the software. The Branch And Reduce Optimization Navigator derives its name from its combining interval analysis and duality in its reduce arsenal with enhanced branch and bound concepts as it winds its way through the hills and valleys of complex optimization problems in search of global solutions.
DICOPT Professor Ignacio Grossmann's research team
Carnegie Mellon University.
DICOPT (DIscrete and Continuous OPTimizer) is an extension of the outer-approximation algorithm with equality relaxation strategies. DICOPT solves a series of NLP and MIP sub-problems using any solver supported by GAMS. Although, the algorithms has provisions to handle non-convexities, it does not always find the global solution.
The interactive software for Mixed Integer Programming Applications.
MINLP Roger Fletcher,
Department of Mathematics, The University of Dundee.
Sven Leyffer.
Mathematics and Computer Science Division,
Argonne National Laboratory.
MINLP implements a branch-and-bound algorithm searching a tree whose nodes correpond to continuous nonlinearly constrained optimization problems. The continuous problems are solved using filterSQP, a Sequential Quadratic Programming solver which is suitable for solving large nonlinearly constrained problems.
Additional information on MINLP can be found in the user manual for MINLP.
SBB ARKI Consulting & Development A/S
Modelers with large and/or difficult MINLP models are encouraged to submit test-models to Arne Drud, E-mail: adrud@arki.dk.
SBB is a GAMS solver for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) models. It is based on a combination of the standard Branch and Bound method known from Mixed Integer Linear Programming and some of the standard NLP solvers already supported by GAMS.
GAMS/SBB Documentation.