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Background: I graduated Mathematics, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iassy in 1969, and Control Engineering, University "Politechnica" of Bucharest in 1973.

 I took the Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering at the University "Politechnica" - Bucharest with a thesis on Contributions to the Digraph Approach of Large-Scale Linear Systems Theory (in Romanian) in 1984.
Prof. Sergiu Calin; Prof. Vlad Ionescu; Prof. Mihai Tertisco, Prof. Emil Ceanga; Prof. Florea Simion.

  • Deputy Director The Research Institute for Informatics (ICI)
  • First Degree Senior Research Worker at The Research Institute for Informatics (ICI)
  • Head of Advances Modeling and Optimization Laboratory, since 1990
  • Member of the Scientific Board of ICI
  • Member of the Scientific Board of The National Centre of Information Technology - Politehnica University Bucharest
  • President of the Scientific Council of ICI
  • Full Member of The Academy of Romanian Scientists, Bucharest, Romania

  • Personal Record - Unabridged Curriculum Vitae (Abstract & Details. March, 2024)

    Area of Interest:

    Main Achievements:
    Author (or co-author) of several papers, technical reports, books, software packages, in the field of: languages for linear programming, linear and nonlinear optimization, optimal control, large-scale linear dynamic systems, Optimization applications.

    Main Projects:

    Ph.D. Subjects (for interested students) [Lista conducatorilor de Doctorat - UPB] [Doctorat - Facultatea de Automatica si Calculatore]

  • Gradient flow methods for constrained optimization
  • Advanced high performance computing methods for unconstrained optimization
  • Advanced sparse high performance computing methods for constrained optimization
  • Natural inspired optimization

  • Awards:
  • "Grigore Moisil Award" of the Romanian Academy, Bucuresti (2001)
  • "The Best Book in Informatics" given by AER (Asociatia Editorilor din Romania), Bucuresti (2003)
  • "Stefan Odobleja Award" of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, Bucuresti (2014)
  • "Henri Coanda Award" of the Marea Loja Nationala din Romania (MLNR), Bucuresti, Ateneul Roman (2018)
    Editorial Affiliations:
  • Computational Optimization and Applications (Editorial Board) (ISI)
  • Studies in Informatics and Control (Editorial Board) (ISI)
  • Advanced Modeling and Optimization (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Annals, Series on Science and Technology of Information, Academy of Romanian Scientists (Editorial Board)
  • Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Editorial Board)
  • British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science (Editorial Board)
  • Revue d'Analyse numerique et de Theorie de l'Approximation (Editorial Board)
  • Numerical Algorithms (Editorial Board) (ISI)

    Special issue of SIC in honour of Dr. N. Andrei

    Presentation: ICI - 40-th anniversary. Photos. Snapshot.


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    Alexander von Humboldt fellow

    Neculai Andrei, Academy of Romanian Scientists - AOSR,
    54, Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest 5, Romania.