ALLO - A Language for Linear Optimization

- The language was established by Neculai Andrei -
(Contribution to previous version of ALLO was given by Ghe. Borcan, M. Barbulescu and C. Dubalaru)
Advanced Modeling and Optimization Laboratory - ICI-Bucharest.

            ALLO is a Mathematical Programming Modeling Language that permits to write very easy and directly a linear programming model in algebraic form. The compiler associated to the ALLO language translate the model into the equivalent MPS form.

            ALLO is notable for its syntax which is simple but comprehensive, with a small number of reserved keywords, and for the similarity of its expressions to the algebraic natation, customarily user in the modeler's form of a problem.


    Fully algebraic;

    FOR - loop declarations used in defining auxiliary variables (parameters), model variables, objective function variables, constraint variables;

    SUM - operator in any expression;

    Test conditions on auxiliary variables definition;

    Dynamic range;

    Referentiable files of data  from the model ALLO-file, giving the possibility for writting the model prototypes.

Manual de Referinta Limbaj

The ALLO Language



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