Optimization of a Power Energy Plant

The optimization of a power energy plant using different combustion fuels and running in conjunction with some other economical processes is a very important activity with a strong impact on the energetical and financial resources.

A power energy plant consists of different objects belonging to a finite number of classes: Tanks of fuels, Pipes, Steam Boilers, Turbines, Hot water Boilers, Electrical Generators.

A power energy plant has as input different types of fuel (oil, coal and/or gas) and as output Electrical Energy and Thermical Energy. Electrically, the power energy plant is interconnected with the National Electric System. Thermically, it is linked with sinks.

The problem is to establish an optimal running of the boilers (steam and hot water) as well as of the turbines in such a way as to minimize the consumption of the fuel and to satisfy the delivering conditions of electrical and thermical energy in specified quantities and technical parameters.

The structure of the power energy plant is as follows:

Mathematical model

File data associated to the mathematical model

MPS file