Linear and Quadratic Integer Programming
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Name of the Package Author(s) Purpose
BonsaiG Lou Hafer
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University
A mixed-integer linear programming code. Branch & bound method.
BonsaiG accepts problems in MPS format, and writes output in a form that's reasonably human-readable but conforms to no particular standard.
Specific features include a partial arc consistency algorithm to strengthen the enforcement of integrality constraints and dynamically tighten bounds on variables as well as the use of a dynamic LP algorithm as the underlying LP method.
BonsaiG: Algorithms and Design
User's manual for BonsaiG
The source distribution (gzip'ed tar file)
MINTO George Nemhauser
Georgia Institute of Technology.
MINTO is a software system that solves mixed-integer linear programs by a branch-and-bound algorithm with linear programming relaxations.
It also provides automatic constraint classification, preprocessing, primal heuristics and constraint generation.
MIQP Sven Leyffer
Department of Mathematics
The University of Dundee
MIQP is a Branch--and--bound for Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming.
A branch--and--bound solver which can exploit sparsity has been implemented.
It has been shown how lower bounds can be computed efficiently during the branch--and--bound tree--search.
Improved lower bounds can reduce the number of QP problems that have to be solved during the tree search.
A new branching rule has been proposed which uses the lower bounds to decide on the next fractional variable to branch upon.
A numerical comparison of various branching rules with the new rule has shown that the new rule improves the performance of branch--and--bound (Fletcher and Leyffer, 1995).
MOMIP Wlodzimierz Ogryczak
Krystian Zorychta
MOMIP (Modular Optimizer for Mixed Integer Programming) is a branch-and-bound solver for middle size mixed integer linear programming problems.
It is very reliable and efficient on medium scale models (up to 2000 continuous variables/constraints and a few hundred integer variables).
MOMIP can solve problems defined in either MPS or LP-DIT format.
LINDO LINDO Systems Incorporation
(Prof. Linus Schrage.)
1415 North Dayton Street
Chicago, IL 60622
LINDO uses simplex and active set algorithms for linear and quadratic programming, and a branch-and-bound approach for mixed integer programming.
Reference: Optimization Modeling with LINDO. 5th ed., Duxbury Press, 1997
LP_SOLVE Michel Berkelaar Lp_solve can handle (smaller) integer and mixed-integer problems.
MILP88 Eastern software products
P. O. Box 15328
Alexandria, VA 22309
Phone: (703) 360-7600
Fax: (703) 360-7654
MILP88 is a general purpose system for solving linear programs in which several of the variables are restricted to integer values.
The package uses the Branch and Bound method.
The package allows a maximum of 800 rows and 64000 nonzeros.
MIPIII Ketron Management Science
Ketron Division of The Bionetics Corporation
1755 Jefferson Davis Hwy, #901
Arlington, VA 22202-3557 USA
Phone: 703 412 3201 Fax: 703 412 3217
MIPIII is the general purpose mixed-integer optimizer.
MIPIII uses the branch-and-bound algorithm with bound projection; branch-and-cut is also available for use where apprpopriate.
Discrete variable types recognized are: zero/one (a switch), bivalent (zero or something else), general integer (pick an integer from a range of values), semicontinuous (must be zero or greater than a lower bound), SOS1 (pick an activity from a set of alternatives) , and SOS2 (piecewise linearization of a curve).
MIPIII accepts standard MPS format with mixed-integer markers.
Reference: MIPIII User's Manual, Ketron Management Science, December 1994.
MPSIII Ketron Management Science
Ketron Division of The Bionetics Corporation
1755 Jefferson Davis Hwy, #901
Arlington, VA 22202-3557 USA
Phone: 703 412 3201 Fax: 703 412 3217
The Complete Mathematical Programming System.
MPSIII covers all of the bases with: WHIZARD for linear and mixed-integer optimization and DATAFORM for Matrix generation, report writing, model management, and execution control. All of the functionality of WHIZARD and DATAFORM are available in the MPSIII callable library, OML.
OML Ketron Management Science
Ketron Division of The Bionetics Corporation
1755 Jefferson Davis Hwy, #901
Arlington, VA 22202-3557 USA
Phone: 703 412 3201 Fax: 703 412 3217
OML is a complete toolkit for linear and mixed-integer optimization as well as model management in a callable library.
Optimization is provided by the library version of WHIZARD.
OSLMSLV OSL Development
IBM Corporation, 33DA MS P356
Phone: (800) 325-2733
Fax: (914) 435-5094
The mixed integer programming solutions product, OSLMSLV, is a fully stand-alone program that incorporates library modules to solve mixed integer programming problems.
A branch-and-bound technique is used for mixed integer programming. A simplex method is used to solve the linear programming subproblems.
Descriptions of the branch and bound algorithm incorporated into this program is included in the opening sections of the library User's Guide.
PROC LP SAS Institute Inc.
SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: (919) 677-8000
Fax: (919) 677-4444
Linear, integer, and mixed-integer programming.
The LP procedure solves linear, integer, and mixed-integer programming problems and provides interactive control of the solution process and printing.
Algorithms:Revised simplex algorithm with LU factorization of the basis (Bartels, 1971), Branch and bound algorithm for integer variables, Sparse column representation, Crash routine to identify advanced starting basis, Special ordered sets, Numerous pricing algorithms.
Special Features: Goal programming (Ignizio, 1976).
Post-Optimality Analysis:Right-hand-side and price sensitivity analysis, Right-hand-side and price ranging.