Modeling and Optimization Systems

OMNI Extended Name Modeling Management System
Authors Haverly Systems,Inc.

OMNI is a model managment system with model generator, report writer and data management capabilities. OMNI allows a structured, data driven approach to the design and building of modeling applications.

It interfaces with the HS/LP Linear Programming system and other third-party LP solvers and systems. The analyst needs only to describe the model and report structures, and provide the data. OMNI does the rest presenting the results in readable reports. OMNI is excellent for setting up easy-to-use optimization applications.

OMNI includes modules for processing, storing and updating input data, a language compiler and utilities for model management. The report writer features allow production of easily read reports of model results and assumptions used. The language is highly structured and maintains consistent grammatical rules throughout its calculation, data management, model generation and report writing functions.


OMNI is supported on PC's, workstations and mainframe computers. Data bases and models can be interchanged freely between hardware platforms.


OMNI interfaces with most commercially available optimizers including Cplex, HS/LP, OLS and many others.