Modeling and Optimization Systems

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MPSIII offers the performance, reliability, and features that are necessary for successful mathematical programming projects. Linear, mixed-integer, and nonlinear programming models are among the most sophisticated, highly developed tools of operations research and management science. We now offer our software to the U.S. Government under the GSA Schedule.
MPSIII runs on PC's, workstations, and mainframes.

Model & Case Management

DATAFORM model management system is the tool used by the mathematical programming analyst to create the application support system. It is a model database manager plus a data manipulation language with specific verbs for data editing, matrix generation, optimization, solution access, and case management.

OML is a complete tool kit for linear and mixed-integer optimization as well as model management in a callable library. Optimization is provided by the library version of C-WHIZ . The model database is compatible with DATAFORM and is managed by the same database manager; it can hold a family of problems, each one can have a matrix, data tables, and optimal solutions. The OML library is incorporated into your C- or FORTRAN-coded application to give you complete access to and control over your mathematical programming environment.

Fast Solvers

C-WHIZ linear programming optimizer with optional mixed-integer feature, MIPIII. This outstanding mathematical programming optimizer is based on the revised simplex algorithm. It exploits matrix supersparsity and numerous processing protocols to minimize computer resource utilization. C-WHIZ is descended from WHIZARD, the fast, robust, mainframe optimizer.

Platforms & System Requirements

MPSIII runs on PC's (i386 and better), UNIX workstations, and IBM mainframes. The C-coded MPSIII runs on all of these platforms under DOS, Windows and UNIX; the original mainframe system is written in assembly language and runs in the MVS and VM/CMS environments.

A Windows GUI provides a familiar interface to MPSIII, including front-ends for the optimizers, it is particularly useful when you are exploring the solution controls for a new or troublesome model. The GUI gives you access to the MPSIII utilities including a powerful matrix editor, MATEDIT, and a DATAFORM table editor, TABEDIT.