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MathPro Authors: David S. Hirshfeld, James S. Welch
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MathPro is an Integrated Math Programming Development Environment(IMPDE) for developing mathematical programming (LP, MIP, IP) models. MathPro is based on the formulation concepts developed by senior practitioners over the 50 years of LP usage. MathPro's core is the Matrix Schematic, a pictorial view of the Math Programming matrix. MathPro includes a full range of development and application integration tools. In six years of commercial use MathPro has proven to be an efficient platform for formulating and maintaining large MP models (30K variables by 25K constraints and larger).

The design and implementation concepts for MathPro embody the full range of model management features with the Matrix Schematic at the core.

MathPro is an Integrated Math Programming Environment (IMPDE) which implements the Matrix Schematic model description within a model management framework. MathPro offer several additional features:

MathPro's optimizer is the highly regarded XPRESS-MP by Dash Associates. XPRESS-MP solves very large models very fast. Its robust algorithms gracefully handle complex and difficult to solve models.

MathPro provides a full range of mixed integer tools, including bivalent variables, general integer variables, semi continuous variables, and special ordered sets to type one and type two.

MathPro and XPRESS regularly combine to describe large, complex math programming models of 20K rows by 30K columns and larger.

MathPro's View Definition Language provides tools for input data preparation and solution report generation. VDL is a high level relation manipulation language with its syntax based on matrix algebra.

MathPro provides tools for integrating the programming models into larger application systems through data file export and import facilities.

MathPro provides FORTRAN and c language application language interfaces for programs to directly access the MathPro database.

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