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LINDO has been consistently chosen as the most popular modeling and optimization software for both instruction and research. It is our most traditional package for solving linear, integer and quadratic optimization models. Models are expressed in a simple, straightforward equation style. LINDO offers a comprehensive set of tools for studying the inner workings of the revised Simplex method, as well as advanced features for goal programming and parametric analysis.

LINDO has all of the advanced commands and features you need for model input, editing, solution, display, logical data inquiry, file handling, and sensitivity analysis.

LINDO also supplies a comprehensive set of tools for application developers. Windows developers will love the DLL version of LINDO. It allows you to seamlessly integrate the LINDO solver into your Windows application written in Visual Basic, C/C++ or any language that supports DLL calls. Workstation users can exploit the linkable object libraries to hook the solver engine to applications written in FORTRAN or C.

Available for PC and (in Hyper and larger sizes) the following workstations: IBM, HP 9000, SunSPARC, Linux, Silicon Graphics, and DEC Alpha. All LINDO products come with a 60 day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Key Features

Fast linear, general integer, and quadratic optimizer available in a variety of problem capacities. Extensive set of commands for data input, editing, optimization, display, logical data inquiry, file handling, and sensitivity analysis.

Windows versions include a full-screen editor for easy model generation and modification.

Status window to track the progress of the optimizer on PC.

Integrate LINDO's optimization engine into your own application through Windows DLL or linkable FORTRAN object libraries.

Option to have LINDO run user-written subroutines.

Enter models interactively or save and retrieve in ASCII, algebraic or column format, or standard MPS format.

On-line help available for all commands.

Extensive error reporting and facilities to help identify formulation errors.


Linus Schrage, Optimization Modeling with LINDO