Modeling Languages and Systems

AMPL Authors: Robert Fourer
David M. Gay
Brian W. Kernighan

AMPL Plus sistem offers a graphical user interface to both AMPL language and solvers. It provides for "projects" spanning several AMPL files, and supports links to many database management systems through Microsoft's ODBC standard.

Algebraic modeling language

AMPL-A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

AMPL is a modeling language for linear and nonlinear optimization problems, in continuous or discrete variables. It lets people use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate optimization models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with an appropriate solver. AMPL offers an interactive command environment for setting up and solving optimization problems.

A flexible interface allows a user to switch between solvers with a single command, and to select options that may improve solver performance. Once optimal solutions have been found, they are expressed in terms of the modeler's notation so that they can be viewed and analyzed. All of the general set and arithmetic expressions of AMPL can also be used for displaying data and results; a variety of options are available to format data for browsing on a screen, printing reports, or preparing input to other programs. Looping and if-then-else commands allow the AMPL command language to also be used as a programming language, for rapid prototyping and testing of iterative schemes that incorporate the solution of one or more problems at each step.

World class solvers

Interfaces to popular and sophisticated solvers including BPMPD, CONOPT, CPLEX, DONLP2, FSQP, GRG2, LSGRG, LAMPS, LANCELOT, LOQO, LP_SOLVE, MINOS, NPSOL, OSL, PATH, Pcx, SNOPT, SOPT, XA, XLSOL, LS-XLSOL, and XPRESS-LP


AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming
by Robert Fourer, David M. Gay, and Brian W. Kernighan
Duxbury Press / Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1993, 351 + xvi pp.
ISBN 0-534-50983-5