Modeling and Optimization Systems

AIMMS Extended Name Advanced Interactive Multi-dimensional Modeling Software
Authors Prof. Johannes J. Bisschop
Robert Entriken
Paragon Decision Technology B.V.
P.O. Box 3277
2001 DG Haarlem
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)23-5511512
Fax: +31(0)23-5511517
Contact Information: Pim Beers, E-mail:

AIMMS is an algebraic modeling language coupled with a data driven user-interface builder. With AIMMS you also have direct access to the worlds fastest solvers. It allows you to create interactive models and model-based reports quickly and easily. Several major companies and institutions world-wide have used the AIMMS technology to build their applications.

Algebraic modeling language

You will find that using an algebraic modeling language to build a model-based application offers a number of major advantages over using other sorts of technologies. The most notable advantage is that it allows you to concentrate on specifying your application, instead of having to worry about its implementation.

Integrated User Interface builder

While other modeling systems force you to link to other software to provide a graphical end-user interface to your model, AIMMS has its own integrated user interface builder. It allows you to create an end-user application in a point-and-click manner using only one tool. Other advantages are: the graphical objects are completely compatible with the indexed sparse data structures used in AIMMS enhanced responsiveness to user changes.

World class solvers

Optimization models in AIMMS can be linear, non-linear, integer or network programs.
AIMMS provides access to the most powerful solvers for the solution of large sparse Linear Programming (LP), Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP), Nonlinear Programming (NLP) and Network Programming models.
Linear and Mixed-Integer Programming:

  • CPLEX (LP-Simplex, LP-Barrier, MIP)
  • XA (LP-Simplex, MIP)
    Nonlinear Programming:
    Network Programming:
  • NETSOL (Always available)
  • GUI Developments

    AIMMS offers a point-and-click GUI builder to create customized interactive model-based reports using a page editor. Such a report consists of button-linked pages with a variety of objects to represent the input and output data of your model.


    AIMMS, The Modeling System, Johannes Bisschop, Robert Entriken, Paragon Decision Technology B.V., 2001 DG Haarlem, The Netherlands, Tel: +31(0)23-350935,Fax:+31(0)23-357818
    Electronic Demo version AIMMS 2.20
    The demo comes complete with the documentation of AIMMS and its associated solvers. All documents are provided in the Adobe PDF format. To read PDF documents you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.