EUROPT -The Continuous Optimization Working Group of EURO
Romanian Mathematical Society
ACM: Association for Computing Machinery
American Mathematical Society
Argentine Society for Informatic and Operations Research
The Association of European Operational Research Societies
The Canadian Operational Research Society
The Operational Research Society of New Zealand
Danish Operational Research Society
European Mathematical Society (EMS)
The Finnish Operations Research Society
French Society of Operations Research and Decision Analysis (ROADEF)
Operational Research Society of Italy
Nordic Optimization Society
Operational Research Society of Turkey
International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making
International Society for the Theory and Application of Multi-Objective Decision Analysis (STAMDA)
London Mathematical Society
Mathematical Programming Society
MOPGP International
Official Site of Multi-Objective Programming and Goal Programming
International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)
International Federation of Operational Research Societies
Operational Research Society
ISSMO - International Society of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
The Mathematical Association of America
The Production and Operations Management Society
RAND Corporation Major Areas of RAND Research
SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics