Linear Programming Packages

LPABO Author Prof. Park Soondal and the members of System Analysis Laboratory (Operations Research lab.) in Dept. of Industrial Engineering,
Seoul National University,
Shillim-dong, Kwanak-gu
Seoul, Korea 151-742
Tel: +82-2-880-7183
Language C
Algorithm Interior point. Infeasible-primal-dual barrier method with multiple centrality corrections
Input Format MPS
Modeling Languages link  
Commercial Status free
Platform PC, UNIX
Remarks This program can solve the following linear programming problems;
Max C^T X
s.t. d <= AX <= b
L <= X <= U.
It solves problems by the interior-point method such as primal affine method, dual affine method, primal-dual affine method, primal barrier method, dual barrier method, primal-dual barrier method, predictor-corrector method and infeasible-predictor-corrector method.
The implementation is based on the following techniques:
Ordering: minimum degree ordering with clique model.
Cholesky factorization: including super node, dense column splitting method.
Solving method: infeasible-primal-dual barrier method with multiple centrality corrections.
Preprocessing & Scaling LPABO 5.4f is a short version of LPABO 5.4 using infeasible-predictor-corrector method.
This program solves a linear programming problem by the infeasible-predictor-corrector method in defalut option.
A comparison between LPABO and some other IP package for LP is given in Hans Mittelmann ( benchmark: