Linear Programming Packages

LIPSOL Extended name Linear-programming Interior Point SOLvers
Author Yin Zhang
Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
Rice University
Houston, Texas 77005
Tel.: 713-737-5744
Fax: 713-285-5318
Language Matlab 4.2
Algorithm Interior Point
Input Format  
Modeling Languages link  
Commercial Status free
Platform DEC (Ultrix), SGI (IRIX 4.1 and 5.2), Sun Sparcs
Remarks LIPSOL is a primal-dual code, written mostly in Matlab, using the direct sparse Cholesky solver of Esmond Ng and Barry Peyton at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for solving large scale linear programming problems.
A comparison between LIPSOL and some other IP package for LP is given in Hans Mittelmann ( benchmark:
References User's Guide to LIPSOL, Technical Report TR95-19, Mathematics Dept., UMBC, 1995.
File name UserGuide.dvi.gz