Linear Programming Packages

FortMP Author Mathematical Programming Group, Brunel University. The project is directed by Professor G. Mitra, and marketed by NAG Ltd and Unicom Consultants.
Language FORTRAN
Algorithm Simplex (Primal and Dual), Interior Point Method based on the Primal-Dual Logarithmic Barrier (Predictor-Corrector) Method, Branch and Bound for Mixed Integer Programming and SOS problems.
Input Format MPS
Modeling Languages link MPL
Commercial Status: Pricing: Single User Executable (Educational) 1250
Single User Executable (lndustrial) 2500
Others POA
Platform DOS, Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, UNIX, AIX
Remarks Modular Design, tuned for Serial, as well as Parallel platforms.
Can be embedded within other software environments.
Available in object form with a few key subroutines
Source code available
Range of applications can be constructed by calling various sub-routines from a main C or Fortran program.
Local or Client/Server Environment.
References FortMP Manual
FortMP Installation Guide
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