Linear Programming Packages

APOS Authors

Erling D. Andersen
TU Delft
Faculty of ITS
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands
Phone (office): +31-(0)15-278-7272 , Phone(fax): +31-(0)15-278-7255
Phone (home): +31-(0)15-213-8091

Knud D. Andersen
12A High Street
Leamington Spa
Warwickshire, CV31 3AN
Phone: (+44)-(0)-1296-424570

Language C++
Algorithm Primal-dual interior point
Input Format MPS, AXMPS format
Modeling Languages link  
Commercial Status Dash Associates The Optimisation Company
Platform any platform
Remarks All the optimization algorithms implemented in APOS are of the interior point type.
The optimization algorithm exploits linearity in the optimization problem.
Sparsity of all vectors and matrices are exploited.
References E. D. Andersen and K. D. Andersen. The APOS linear programming solver: an implementation of the homogeneous algorithm.
Technical Report Publications from Department of Management No. 2/1997, also available as CORE Discussion Paper 9730, Department of Management, Odense University, Denmark, 1997.
APOS userís manual. Dash Associates, April 17, 1997.