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The Perfect Modeling Package. Imagine the perfect modeling package. It would allow you to express your problem quickly in a highly readable form, be able to store data and solution information in a variety of convenient ways, and be capable of solving a broad range of problems. LINGO just may be that perfect modeling package. It gives you all this and much more.

LINGO supports set or vector based models that use summations and subscripted variables that allow you to express large models in a compact, efficient manner. The LINGO text details the benefits of set based modeling and the example problems are formulated to exploit this powerful feature. The LINGO text also covers a broader range of applications given LINGO’s ability to solve general nonlinear models.

Powerful Modeling Environment

LINGO lets you express your most complex models in a simple, efficient manner. Formulate your model explicitly -- or use LINGO’s modeling language to represent it in mathematical notation with subscripted variables. This makes your model extremely compact and easy to read. Use LINGO’s extensive library of common mathematical, probability, and financial functions -- or you can create your own custom functions. LINGO even comes with a DLL that can be called from your own application.

Easy Data Handling

You won’t have to wrestle with your data to get it in a form LINGO can accept -- LINGO allows you to keep your data in a variety of natural, convenient forms. You can choose to store your data in a database, spreadsheet, or simple text file, and, after solving the model, LINGO allows you to write the results directly in any of these forms. LINGO supports popular databases including Access, Oracle, DB/2, Paradox, and SQL Server as well as Excel and 1-2-3 spreadsheets.

Key Features

Comprehensive modeling language allows the expression of the formulation in natural mathematical form;

Powerful linear, nonlinear and integer solvers seamlessly linked to a model generator;

Multi-windowing editor for easy model generation and modification;

Allows data and solution values to be exchanged between popular databases and spreadsheets;

Extensive library of built-in statistical, financial, and commonly used mathematical functions;

Capable of expressing a series of similar constraints in a single statement;

Recognizes subscripted variables and sets, and allows a variety of operations over sets;

Accepts generalized expressions including those with parentheses and variables and expressions on the right-hand-side;

Integrate LINGO into your own application using the callable DLL;