The Electronic International Journal

Aims and Scope

Advanced Modeling and Optimization is dedicated for electronic publication of refereed papers on the latest developments on the analysis, and development of the algorithms and computational methods, as well as modeling technology for optimization. Algorithms, computational methods and applications are of interest. Papers containing both theoretical aspects and carefully designed computational experments and case studies are welcome.

Topics include:

· Theory, implementation and performance evaluation of algorithms and computer codes for modeling and optimization.
· Algorithms and software for solving all brances of optimization: Unconstrained Optimization, Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming and Related Topics, General Constrained Optimization, Fractional Programming, Goal Programming, Integer Programming, Stochastic Optimization, Network Optimization, Multiobjective Optimization, Nondifferentiable Optimization, Global Optimization.
· Various aspects of efficient user-friendly implementations: Simplification, Reduction, Automatic Differentiation, Model Analysis, Sensitivity, Parallel Optimization Algorithms, Numerical Experimentation, Comparisons.
· Methodology of modeling and optimization software development, including: Modeling Languages, Graphical User Interfaces, Hybrid Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-based approach, Systems for Optimization.
· Applications in Business, Economics, Financy and Investments, Industry, Manufacturing, Management Science, Optimal Design, Optimal Control, Operations Research, Transportation.