Author(s) Book
Vanderbei, R.J., Princeton University Linear Programming. Foundations and Extensions
Kluwer Academic Publishers,
(International Series in Operations Research & Management Science - 4)
Boston / London / Dordrecht, 1996, 418 pp.
$129.95, ISBN 0-7923-9804-1
Contents Part 1. Basic Theory - The Simplex Method and Duality (Chapters 1-12)
Part 2. Network-Type Problems (Chapters 13-15)
Part 3. Interior-Point Methods (Chapters 16-21)
Part 4. Extensions (Chapters 22-24)
Apendix A. Source Listings
1. The Primal-Dual Simplex Method
2. The Homogeneous Self-Dual Simplex Method
Answers to Selected Exercises
Review by Robert M. Freund for Optima.
Review by Bob Daniel for Operational Research.