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Linear and Nonlinear Programming
McGraw-Hill, (McGraw-Hill Series in Industrial Engineering and Management Science) 1996 
692 pages, Price: $78.12 
Table of Contents  Part I: Basics (Chapters 1-3) 
Part II: Linear Programming (Chapters 4-9) 
Part III: Unconstrained Optimization (Chapters 10-13) 
Part IV: Nonlinear Programming (Chapters 14-17) 
Appendix A. Topics from Linear Algebra 
Appendix B. Other Fundamentals 
Appendix C. Software 
Appendix D. Bibliography 
Appendix E. Index
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Contents  I. J.E. Dennis Jr, R.B. Schnabel, 
A View of Unconstrained Optimization 
II. D. Goldfarb, M.J. Todd, 
Linear Programming 
III. P.E. Gill, W. Murray, M.A. Saunders, M.H. Wright, 
Constrained Nonlinear Programming 
IV. R.K. Ahuja, T.L. Magnanti, J.B. Orlin, 
Network Flows 
V. W.R. Pulleyblank, 
Polyhedral Combinatorics 
VI. G.L. Nemhauser, L.A. Wolsey, 
Integer Programming 
VII. C. Lemarechal, 
Nondifferentiable Optimization 
VIII. R.J.-B. Wets, 
Stochastic Programming 
IX. A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan, G.T. Timmer, 
Global Optimization 
X. P.L. Yu, 
Multiple Criteria Decision Making: Five Basic Concepts 
Subject Index 
Nering, E.D., 
Tucker, A.W.
Linear Programs and Related Problems
Academic Press, 1993
Yurii Nesterov
Central Economic and Mathematical Institute, Moscow.
Arkadii Nemirovskii
Central Economic and Mathematical Institute, Moscow.
Interior Point Polynomial Methods in Convex Programming
SIAM - Studies in Applied Mathematics 13, 1994
SIAM / ix + 405 pages
ISBN 0-89871-319-61994
Price $77.50 (SIAM Member Price $62.00)
Chapter 1: Self-Concordant Functions and Newton Method;
Chapter 2: Path-Following Interior-Point Methods;
Chapter 3: Potential Reduction Interior-Point Methods;
Chapter 4: How to Construct Self- Concordant Barriers;
Chapter 5: Applications in Convex Optimization;
Chapter 6: Variational Inequalities with Monotone Operators;
Chapter 7: Acceleration for Linear and Linearly Constrained Quadratic Problems;
Appendix 1;
Appendix 2.
Jorge Nocedal
Stephen J. Wright
Numerical Optimization.
Springer Series in Operations Research
Hardcover - 600 pages (August 27, 1999)
Springer Verlag;
ISBN: 0387987932 ;
Dimensions (in inches): 1.46 x 9.48 x 7.31
Price ( : $64.95
1 Introduction
2 Fundamentals of Unconstrained Optimization
3 Line Search Methods
4 Trust-Region Methods
5 Conjugate Gradient Methods
6 Practical Newton Methods
7 Calculating Derivatives
8 Quasi-Newton Methods
9 Large Scale Quasi-Newton Methods
10 Nonlinear Least-Squares Problems
11 Nonlinear Equations
12 Theory of Constrained Optimization
13 Linear Programming: The Simplex Method
14 Linear Programming: Interior-Point Methods