Author(s)  Book
David G., Luenberger,
Stanford University 
Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Programming
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, Massachusetts, 1973.
ISBN 0-201-04347-5

    1. Introduction
        PART I. Linear Programming
    2. Basic Properties of Linear Programs
    3. The Simplex Method
    4. Duality
    5. Reduction of Linear Inequalities
        PART II. Unconstrained Problems
    6. Basic Properties of  Solutions and Algorithms
    7. Basic Descent Methods
    8. Conjugate Direction Methods
    9. Quasi-Newton Methods
        PART III. Constrained Minimization
   10. Constrained Minimization Conditions
   11. Primal Methods
   12. Penalty and Barrier Methods
   13. Cutting Plane and Dual Methods
         Appendix A. Mathematical Review
         Appendix B. Convex Sets
         Appendix C. Gaussian Elimination

Renato De Leone
Universitą of Canerino, Italy
Almerico Murli
Universitą di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Panos M. Pardalos
Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering,
University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

Gerardo Toraldo
Universitą di Napoli Federico II, Italy
High Performance Algorithms and Software in Nonlinear Optimization
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-5483-4
November 1998, 392 pp.
NLG 320.00 / USD 192.00 / GBP 112.00
Contents and Contributors Preface. Some Perspectives on High-Performance Mathematical Software; D. di Serafino, et al. A Monotonous Method for Unconstrained Lipschitz Optimization; A.M. Bagirov, N.K. Gadijev. Numerical Performance of an Inexact Interior Point Algorithm; S. Bellavia. Replicator Dynamics for Evolution towards the Maximum Clique: Variations and Experiments; I.M. Bomze, F. Rendl. A Newton-Like Approach to Solving an Equilibrium Problem; V.A. Bulavski, V.V. Kalashnikov. Parallelization Strategies for the Ant System; B. Bullnheimer, et al. The Cobweb Method for Minimizing Convex Functions; V. Capalbo, et al. A New Forward Backward Auction Algorithm; R. Cerulli, et al. Modifying the Cholesky Factorization on MIMD Distributed Memory Machines; M. D'Apuzzo, et al. A Controlled Random Search Algorithm with Local Newton-type Search for Global Optimization; G. Di Pillo, et al. Adaptive Precision Control in Quadratic Programming with Simple Bounds and/or Equalities; Z. Dostįl, et al. The Development of Parallel Optimisation Routines for the NAG Parallel Library; R.W. Ford, et al. Parallel Solution of Large Scale Quadratic Programs; E. Galligani, et al. A Linesearch Algorithm with Memory for Unconstrained Optimization; N.I.M. Gould, et al. The Modified Absolute-Value Factorization Norm for Trust-Region Minimization; N.I.M. Gould, J. Nocedal. The LP Dual Active Set Algorithm; W.W. Hager. The Use of Optimization Techniques for the Numerical Solution of First Kind Fredholm Equations; P. Maponi, et al. An Exact Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum Clique Problem; P.M. Pardalos, et al. A Model Development System for Global Optimization; J.D. Pinter. Support Vector Machines: A Large Scale QP; M. Pontil, et al. Orbit Determination of Binary Stars Using Simulated Annealing; D. Pourbaix. New Derivative Formulas for Integral and Probability Functions: Parallel Computations; S. Uryasev. The Interior-Point Revolution in Constrained Optimization; M.H. Wright.