Author(s) Book
Benjamin Jansen,
Center for Quantitative Methods CQM
Interior Point Techniques in Optimization Complementarity, Sensitivity and Algorithms
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 292 pp, 1997, $135
ISBN 0-7923-4430-8
Contents Preface
1. Introduction
2. The Theory of Linear Programming
3. Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming
4. Sensitivity Analysis in Quadratic Programming
5. Primal-Dual Affine Scaling Methods for Linear Problems
6. Primal-Dual Affine Scaling Methods for Nonlinear Problems
7. Computational Results with Affine Scaling Methodsa
8. Target-Following for Linear Programming
9. Target-Following for Nonlinear Programming
10. Semidefinite Programming
11. Interior Point Methods in Decomposition
Christopher V. Jones
Simon Fraser University
Visualization and Optimization
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 448 pp, 1996, $142
ISBN 0-7923-9672-3
Contents Preface
1. Introduction
II. A Framework for Visualization and Optimization
2. People
3. Text and Tables
4. Graphics and Animation
5. Sound and Touch
6. Hypermedia and Virtual Reality
II. Visualization and the Modeling Life-cycle
7. Conceptual Models
8. Formulation
9. Algorithm Execution
10. Solution Analysis
III. Visualization for Optimization
11. Text
12. Hypertext
13. Networks and Graphs
14. Multiple Dimensions
15. Animation
16. Sound, Touch and Virtual Reality
17. Visualization Tools
18. Integration
19. Research and Future Directions
Colophon, Bibliography, Author Index, Subject Index