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T.F. Edgar,
D.M. Himmelblau,

Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Texas
Optimization of Chemical Processes
McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York, (pp.xvii+652), 1988
ISBN 0-07-018991-9
Contents Preface
Part I. Problem Formulation
1. The Nature and Organization of Optimization Problems
2. Fitting Models to Data
3. Formulation of Objective Functions
Part II. Optimization Theory and Methods
4. Basic Concepts of Optimization
5. Optimization of Unconstrained Functions: One-Dimensional Search
6. Unconstrained Multivariable Optimization
7. Linear Programming and Applications
8. Nonlinear Programming with Constraints
9. Optimization with Staged and Discrete Processes
Part III. Applications of Optimization
10. Heat Transfer and Energy Conservation
11. Separation Processes
12. Fluid Flow Systems
13. Chemical Reactor Design and Operation
14. Optimization in Large-Scale Plant Design and Operation
Appendix A. Nomenclature
Appendix B. Mathematical Summary
Appendix C. Range Space and Null Space and Relation to Reduced Gradient and Projection Methods
Name Index, Subject Index
Andrew Eberhard
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Robin Hill
Royal Melbourne Institute, Australia
Daniel Ralph
University of Melbourne, Australia
Barney M Glover
Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Progress in Optimization
Contributions from Australasia
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-5733-7
June 1999, 324 pp.
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Contents and Contributors
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Part I: Non-Smooth Analysis. 1. A survey of Clarke's subdifferential and the differentiability of locally Lipschitz functions; J.R. Giles. 2. Continuous approximation of nonsmooth mappings; A.M. Rubinov, A. Zaffaroni. Part II: Generalized Convexity. 3. Generalised convexity properties of marginal functions; M. Andramonov, A. Ellero. 4. Fractional programming with invexity; B.D. Craven, B. Mond. 5. Supremal generators of spaces of homogeneous functions; A.M. Rubinov. 6. Higher order convexity and duality in multiobjective programming problems; J. Zhang. Part III: Algorithms for Nonsmooth Programming. 7. A survey of some nonsmooth equations and smoothing Newton methods; L. Qi, D. Sun. 8. Minimization methods for one class of nonsmooth functions and calculation of semi-equilibrium prices; A.M. Bagirov. 9. Potential reduction methods for the nonlinear complementarity problem; H. Jiang. 10. Approximations to the Clarke generalized Jacobians and nonsmooth least-squares minimization; H. Xu, et al. Part IV: Global Optimization. 11. A parametric approach to global optimization problems of a special kind; M. Andramonov. 12. A Concave composite programming perspective on DC programming; L. Churilov, M. Sniedovich. Part V: Control Methodologies. 13. A survey of the control parametrization and control parametrization enhancing methods for constrained optimal control problems; V. Rehbock, et al. 14. Multivariable controllers with time-domain inequality constraints; J.K. Vethecan, R.D. Hill.