Author(s) Book
Ami Arbel,
Industrial Engineering Department,
Tel-Aviv University
Exploring Interior-Point Linear Programming: Algorithms and Software
The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, pp. xxiv+211, 1993
ISBN 0-262-51073-1
Contents Series Foreword
Preface, List of Notations, Up and Running
I. Preparations
1. Introduction
2. Modeling Linear Optimization Problems
3. The Simplex Algorithm
4. A First Look at an Interior-Point Algorithm
II. Algorithms
5. The Primal Algorithm
6. The Dual Algorithm
7. The Primal-Dual Algorithm
8. Implementation Issues
III. Solutions
9. The Integrated Environment
10. Command-Line Operations
Appendix A. The MPS File Format
Appendix B. The Netlib Test Collection
Selected Bibliography